Sustainability is sexy

 Sustainability is sexy

That’s…probably a word we haven’t used before. And we mean to be a little provocative. Because as much as EnSite’s clients are savvy about sustainability, as are our projects’ stakeholders, sometimes it take a little extra sumthin’ sumthin’ to get people’s attention.

That’s why we latched onto this guy’s sculptural solar-powered electric bike creations. Heads will turn, as ours did, when one of these beauties passes you by. His work also highlights an important concept – that form and function must operate in concert. We don’t believe that sustainability should be built into a project at the expense of appealing design, nor should it ever have to. Likewise, an elegant design shouldn’t be at odds with sustainability concepts. Further, we’d argue that as an appeal to the senses and to the heart, beauty in and of itself is a sustainability concept.

We also like what Josh says about having kids and how it shifts your priorities so you want to make the world a better place. Who can relate?

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