Sustainable Design in SWFL: Little Actions That Make A Big Difference

Sustainable Design in SWFL: Little Actions That Make A Big Difference

Sustainability is a word often thrown around and has taken on a variety of different meanings. To some, sustainability means simply saving the environment. To others, it may mean preserving nonrenewable resources. While sustainability may contain both of those things, it’s important to remember that a sustainable lifestyle impacts everything: people, the economy, AND the environment in which we live.

Sustainable Design in SWFL is about balancing economic, social, and environmental resources to ensure health for everyone within our community. From the local schools where we educate our children to the design of a city’s structure, everything has an impact on sustainability in our community. 

Accommodating Growth Through Sustainable Design

Our corner of the world here in Southwest Florida faces a unique challenge and opportunity: growth. Therefore, it’s important that urban infrastructure is designed to not only serve today’s immediate needs but to also provide a bright future for other generations.

Downtown Fort Myers is a perfect example of a growing community – it has become an area where many live, work, learn, and play (us included!). In the past few years, the redesign and restructuring of the area has brought sustainable design into the spotlight. Combining uses in buildings to allow for multiple purposes and designing a landscape that incorporates natural features has created a Downtown that supports sustainable growth.

A Comprehensive Approach to Design

Sustainable design is not only about how the community looks – it encompasses every aspect of it. It requires thinking about everything that impacts a community – the people, the economy, and the environment. Also, it doesn’t just affect the way things are right now, but how things will affect the people, the economy, and the environment well after we’re gone. Approaching a community plan through the lens of sustainability creates economic vitality, sense of place, and preservation of our natural resources for generations to come.

Sustainability is Everyone’s Responsibility

At EnSite, sustainability is the fabric of our entire business. We not only seek to provide sustainable design initiatives in SWFL, but also to educate our community on the value of sustainability and how it impacts our entire world. All of us have something to contribute in the way of sustainability – whether it’s through the actual planning that provides a solid framework for a sustainable city or being educators for the community. Everyone has something to give. 

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