Learning: The Foundation of Sustainable Design

Learning: The Foundation of Sustainable Design

At EnSite, we often say that sustainability is about more than just being friendly to the environment. While this plays a significant role in sustainability, there are other factors at play, including social equality and economic health.

Acts of sustainability present themselves in many forms: charity events, community cleanups, proper recycling – these are all perfect examples of building a sustainable community. However, developing an understanding, or learning about sustainability is equally important in building a community and local culture of sustainability.

Learning about sustainability can be achieved in a variety of ways and can start at a very young age. To give our youth (the future of Southwest Florida) the proper tools to continue building a sustainable community, we must first teach them. Whether that teaching is done through school district implemented programs, local museums (the Imaginarium is a great place to learn!), or experiences, initiating an understanding of sustainability in our youth is key.

At EnSite, we contribute to building the foundation and future of a sustainable Lee County in a variety of ways. We have served as adjunct professors at Florida Gulf Coast University and have provided hands-on landscaping and beautification efforts at several of the local elementary and middle schools, where students learned about native plants, water management and providing food and shelter for birds and animals. We believe that in order to build a sustainable community and culture, everyone must learn their role and how every action affects the community in which they live, work, learn, and play.

For more information about the Imaginarium’s hands on museum and aquarium, please visit www.imaginariumfortmyers.com. We believe the future of sustainable design begins with our children.

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