Tanglewood's outdoor classroom - a true community effort

Tanglewood's outdoor classroom - a true community effort

“When I get to walk to school I get to hear the pond, and it really makes me happy.” Well that’s about the best kind of testimonial we can receive. This is exactly how a young representative of Tanglewood Elementary School begins anĀ amazing video produced by Lee County Schools about Tanglewood’s new outdoor classroom for which EnSite provided design and construction management services.

In another post, we described the multi-year collaboration between the teachers, staff, parents, volunteers and the local business community that resulted in this “field trip on campus.” The same young man concludes the video with a wish that kids in other schools could be so fortunate as to have such a beautiful space for learning, relaxing and getting in touch with the natural world. And to that we say, with a true community effort, every kid could be.

We hope you enjoy the video!

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