Frankie Nater

Mr. All Business

"In learning you will teach, in teaching you will learn."

Frankie is in many ways the living embodiment of the EnSite vision. Originally mentored in high school by EnSite founder Jonathan Romine through the Take Stock in Children program, he went on to become the first member of his family to attend college. Now, he works as EnSite’s junior analyst, helping dive into data and interpret it for clients, compose reports and illustrations, and guide the company toward a more sustainable future.

It’s the culmination of EnSite’s belief that investing in education can bear fruit that serves business and community needs in the long run. “I don’t think anybody does Corporate Social Responsibility better than EnSite,” Frankie said. “At a young age, I got to see the impact of it and know it firsthand. It does make a difference.”

Frankie has since become a mentor himself, having worked with Take Stock In Children while pursuing his bachelor’s in business management at Florida Gulf Coast University. “I want to give back, especially locally,” Frankie said. “This is the place where I got my start, and I want to make sure these students have the same opportunities I did.”

Fanatical about analytics, Frankie is helping EnSite formulate data-driven solutions. Away from the office, he’s fanatical about baseball, having served an internship with the Fort Myers Miracle. He harbors a dream of one day becoming a Major League Baseball general manager — a job that is increasingly about numbers.