Gary Walker

The Technical Ace

"Learning not daily increased will daily decrease."

For Gary Walker, good design provides a template for community building. Whether large or small, municipal or private, every project EnSite has completed is special to Gary, but he especially loves those that make the area where we live, work, learn, and play a better place. “I like to drive by a project we did and see the progress of growth in our community and to know that we were a part of it,” he said. He’s the CAD Technician for the company, and supports the Landscape Architects, Engineers, and Designers, especially in the areas of irrigation, civil, and landscape design.

The family-oriented, supportive environment at EnSite is as fulfilling as the projects Gary feels so privileged to have a part in. A personal trainer is brought in to the office twice a week to help the team members maintain physical wellness and manage stress. Flexible scheduling solutions are available to help employees meet their family obligations, for instance, which is important to Gary and his wife, who are expecting their second child later this year. He also appreciates that EnSite values collaboration as a key component of its culture. “The people I work with are great,” he said. “You feel part of the team even when you are not involved in a project.”

Gary has lived in Southwest Florida for eight years. He enjoys fishing and spending time with his family when he’s not at work.