5 easy ways to go green at the office

5 easy ways to go green at the office

We’ve already talked about going green at home, so here are some tips on how to go green at the office:

1. Save paper. Reduce your paper usage by reusing every scrap that you might otherwise throw away. Try cutting used paper into fourths to use for notes, messages, and reminders. When you print multi-page documents, make sure to print double-sided. Better yet, go completely paperless with file-sharing websites like DropBox or Google Docs instead of using paper files. If you’re stuck using paper, try repurposing old file folders rather than throwing them away.
2. Recycle everything. Take empty ink and toner cartridges to office supply companies like Staples and Office Depot to be recycled, and use recycled paper and toner cartridges when printing. Add another bin next to the trash to recycle glass, plastic, aluminum. Try to bring your lunch to work in reusable containers instead of plastic, paper bags, or aluminum foil.
3. Go Natural. Artificial lighting accounts for 44 percent of the electricity used in office buildings, so opt for natural light when you can. If possible, utilize ceiling fans and natural ventilation as opposed to air conditioning. You can also switch to non-toxic cleaning products.

4. Save energy. Turn off all electronics and electrical appliances at the end of the day, including your computer. Switch off the lights in the building if you are the last one out the door. Every little bit counts when it comes to conserving energy.
5. Bring the OUTdoors INdoors. Purchase or grow office plants (they offset VOCs and CO2 emissions). You can even recycle old coffee grounds by “feeding” them to your indoor plants, as they add nutrients to the soil.

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