Who are cities for?- equity for tomorrow

Who are cities for?- equity for tomorrow

The National League of Cities released a new report this week that should make some elucidating weekend reading. “The Future of Equity in Cities” presents a view from a crossroads.

The report beautifully illustrates the third component of sustainability – listed last mostly because of the three, it has yet failed set fire in popular consciousness. That’s a mistake, but it’s not too late to fix it.

We at EnSite have put a good deal of effort into promoting an interconnected set of considerations that comprise sustainability: environmental, economic and equitable – the 3 Es, if you will. So we’re pleased NLC has devoted 52 pages to the question of what kind of visioning and effort we can dedicate to the third component as we face the future.

NLC’s report captures what’s at stake, why it starts with cities and why it should matter to everyone. As it says in the intro, “Cities are reshaping the story of America.” Does that story look the same to you as it does to every other resident of your city? No one loses when we get closer to realizing that aspiration. In fact, we – all of us – only stand to gain.

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